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Snow Plowing Services

Midwest Sealcoat located in Batavia Illinois provides our commercial customers with outstanding snow removal technology services and customer service support care on call 24/7 during the winter months.

We all know that the season changes into brutally cold temperatures and plenty of snow to keep our plows busy.  When the snow falls, Midwest Sealcoat hits the roadways, plowing commercial drives and parking lots with exceptional pride and complete understanding of how to move snow efficiently and effectively.

With over 20 years in combination of seal coating, paving and snow removal services, Midwest Sealcoat is here to stay, growing larger and wiser every day of the year. Our company uses only the latest model vehicles, plows, Bobcats and Skid Steers to provide proper snow removal for your parking lot or business complex.  Click on the link below to view a partial list of whom agrees with our services.


Ice Control

Midwest Sealcoat will always make sure that we carry an unlimited supply of rock salt and calcium chloride to battle against the treacherous icy conditions of the Midwest area.  Brutal conditions in the past have made it difficult for snow plow companies and even municipalities to carry over enough rock salt for the ice storms, which soon they ran out.  However, Midwest Sealcoat stores ample amounts of salt for our commercial accounts in house, Ensuring throughout each season, our customers will be well protected. 

If your town is calling for 3″ of snow for that day and your a 2″ contract; we will commence plowing when the 3″ of snow has fallen.

Please do not hesitate on calling Midwest Sealcoat at anytime day or night. Unlike some snowplowing companies, our phones are on 24/7 you will always reach a live person when you call.

Our Equipment

Midwest Sealcoat only uses state of the art equipment to keep your parking lots clear from snow and ice. We currently have in our inventory and operate the following pieces of equipment. 

  • 4-Wheel Drive Turbo Diesel trucks 
  • Hydraulic Plows and Salt Spreaders
  • New Holland and Bobcat skid steers with blades and buckets
  • Commercial grade snow blowers
  • IDOT grade road salt
  • An eager crew ready to keep your parking lots clear!


Many of our customers have many questions regarding snow plowing and the reasons why we plow lots the way we do.  Here is an example of what our customers have asked us in the past.

When do you start plowing our parking lot?

Each contract is different from the next. Many customers wish to have their parking lots plowed when snow reaches anywhere from 1”-3” or more.  Once the snow has reached the depth per contract, our snow plows will be out to perform the removal of the snow. Once cleared, we will continue to clean up the remaining drifting snow that has accumulated after the storm.

What happens if it keeps snowing after you clear the parking lots?

Our crews will be stationed in their plow trucks 24- hours at a time if necessary. Once the snow stops, we will commence our first round of clean up, return later in the day for the final sweep and cleanup.

It’s snowing, but I do not see your snowplows?

I can assure you our crews are clearing the snow; however in many cases we do not start clearing snow unit the depth of the snow is 2” or more –pending the signed contract.

What is the difference between calcium chloride and rock salt, and which one should I use for ice control?

Rock salt common name is Sodium Chloride.  Rock salt has slower melting action point, which will help deter thick ice in parking lots and roadways. The large crystals embed themselves in the porous surfaces of asphalt which helps maintain a long lasting preventative for icing. Rock salt is not a good ice-controlling agent for concrete. Rock salt has slow reaction time to deicing and it will soak up any moister in the air and any surface it touches.  Concrete is extremely porous and hold moister.  Calcium Chloride melts up to 8 times more than your stand alone rock salt, because of the composite minerals, calcium chloride does not react to air and moister, it reacts to cold temperatures. This is why calcium chloride is best used for concrete and or porous surfaces.

We service Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Elburn, North Aurora, Aurora, West Chicago, Wheaton, Wayne, Winfield.

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